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The industrial

VPN that...

Expedites your response times


Decreases warranty support costs


Reduces your customer’s downtime


Bolsters customer relations


Increases your software engineer’s productivity & availability.


Program /communicate with your

equipment over Ethernet


AxatraxTM can be the answer.

Support your

Customers with

Virtual Presence

while reducing warranty costs

Secure, encrypted communications


Connects in seconds to trouble-shoot, update software, or allow continual monitoring


5 minute initial set-up


Easy, intuitive Web interface


Add more AxatraxTM appliances with each new machine / process / robot

...acts like a long Ethernet cable

Used seamlessly in Fortune 500

Manufacturing Plants


6" x 6" x 1.25"

How It Works

LED changes color automatically

showing connection status...



Ready & Connected




2 AxatraxTM appliances

are required initially:


  • 1 located at your home office or with your software engineer
  • 1 installed/located on automated equipment
  • Add single, new appliances as needed (with new equipment)



        Desktop models or DIN Rail

        mount prepped Power supply:

        12-24 Vdc or 120 Vac


End-customer supplies Internet access to the equipment. This can be part of your warranty support requirements. Connection methods



Trouble-shoot and/or make software changes via the connected AxatraxTM using the WEB APP. Disconnect when you're finished or continue monitoring as per customer agreement.


A Competitive


using game-changing technology

  • Works anywhere in the world with an internet connection


  • Improves customer relations & retention


  • AxatraxTM units are working globally from Thailand to Brazil and across the U.S.A.



The marketplace demands

exceptional customer support

AxatraxTM Web App

simple and effective

No big manuals to study.

It's about speed and ease of use.


Uses quick-easy connect-the-dots

visual interface to make and change

AxatraxTM connections to robots/equipment.

Use your naming convention to LABEL each remote AxatraxTM appliance. This label is displayed on the dots and represents the AxatraxTM connected to an automated system.


GRAY DOT = AxatraxTM is not connected

to the internet.


GREEN DOT = AxatraxTM is connected

to the Internet.  You can now connect to this equipment's interface as if you were there.


Drag-a-line from the RED mini-dot on your Home Office AxatraxTM dot to the RED mini-dot

on any GREEN equipment dot to indicate to which remote equipment you'd like to connect.





Simply connect the dots, then




You'll be remotely connected in seconds.

Learning to use an AxatraxTM

takes minutes, not hours.

Cooperative Technology

user & supplier work easily together

Typically, you're on the phone with personnel at the manufacturing plant as you trouble-shoot and connect to the remote equipment software. They've likely initiated the call for help. The AxatraxTM system is designed to aid responsiveness and build trust as you fast-track help for production issues.



...the power of virtual presence at the right time


Shar-a-traxTM Feature

available in all AxatraxTM appliances

Enables integrator/OEM to temporarily share their AxatraxTM appliance connection with authorized OEMs or other AxatraxTM users in seconds...



Securely and safely using only encrypted files


For updating or trouble-shooting assistance with specialty components even for just a few critical minutes


Take back the connection instantly. Double-click the connection line on the Web App to disconnect after minutes or hours of use.


...the power of

skilled, virtual



at just the right time.

First ever...worldwide, Shar-a-traxTM

  loaned remote connections

Shar-a-traxTM Example

an evolution in EOM end-customer service

This is utilized, for instance, if a proprietary system is included in an OEM's/integrator's automated process. When your end-customer calls with an apparent issue related to the proprietary software (ie. a vision system or robot), you can 'loan' your AxatraxTM connection to the remote equipment to the OEM involved.


Using the AxatraxTM, the OEM then can access, views, and tweak the remote software directly on the troubled system to update or fix errors through this 'loaned connection.' It also allows the OEM/integrator to more readily determine if a site visit is necessary.


Connections can be 'taken back' as quickly

as the situation is resolved or a determination reached. Simply double-click  the AxatraxTM connection line on the Web App to break the loaned connection.



Works like your high value

software engineer is on site.

The Shar-a-traxTM feature lets an OEM/integrator's software engineer, specific to the equipment,  trouble-shoot over the virtual connection.

OEM Virtual Program

supporting integrators & end-customers

Original equipment manufacturers are increasingly adding AxatraxTM appliances to enhance technical support availability to integrators and end-customers. The Shar-a-traxTM feature improves response time and delivers actual virtual assistance.



Today's sophisticated technology is highly specialized and complex.  Access to industry experts is critical to customer satisfaction.


Shar-a-traxTM allows temporary, secure connection from integrators to installed OEM equipment.


OEM's can trouble-shoot, make software updates or assist with issues related to their OEM equipment.


Qualified OEMs can obtain a FREE AxatraxTM for this program, call us!

Connection Options

in industrial manufacturing environments

 AxatraxTM connections use fiberoptics with minimal latency



A wired Ethernet connection to a network is the

preferred method of accessing the Internet for an AxatraxTM.  Other connection methods are available should Ethernet not be a feasible solution.




Many facilities have wireless WiFi available.  Using an Ethernet to WiFi adapter may allow the AxatraxTM appliance to reach the Internet.  An adapter such as an IOGear GWU627 will allow the adapter to be located outside the metal control enclosure. The adapter can also be powered by the USB port on the AxatraxTM appliance.




The cellular modem is a great way to support system installation. Using a 3G/4G router will provide an Internet connection at nearly all locations... with the possible exception of highly remote areas.  A ‘modem’ such as a Cradle point CORI-BR600 will provide a connection even when a cellphone indicates a very low

connection capability. The installation technician can use this connection method to provide a means for the software developer in the home office to support system start-up remotely.


new applications discovered weekly

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Web App







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Today's sophisticated technology is highly specialized and complex.  Access to industry experts is critical to customer satisfaction.


Shar-a-traxTM allows temporary, secure connection from integrators to installed OEM equipment.


OEM's can trouble-shoot,

make software updates or

assist with issues related

to their OEM equipment.

LED changes color automatically showing connection status...

First ever...worldwide, Shar-a-trax